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Self Leveling Cements
Concrete Prepartion

Rocky Mountain Industrial Training


  • BW Grinding Equipment: concrete grinding preparation needed for application of floor coating systems.

  • Diama Brush Mastic Removal Equipment: for removal of heavy glues and old coating systems.

  • Scanmaskin Grinding and Polishing Equipment: High end quality grinding and polishing equipment, including remote controlled.

Concrete Repair Products:

Spalling and crack repair procedures using various products:

  • Spartacote Fast Fix- repair resin/sand system (cured and ready for grinding in 30 minutes).

  • Citadel Fortification- resinous/sand repair product (also cured and ready for grinding in 30 minutes)

  • Laticrete Cements:

    • Levelex Patch- trowelable for sloping and deeper repairs

    • Levelex Skim Coat - trowelable and can be feathered to zero

Training is conducted in our warehouse, and usually held the same day as we hold our coating application training.

Call today for our next training  day!!!!

Laticrete Cements Installation Training


Self Leveling: application procedures.

  • Laticrete Levelex and Levelex DL:

    • Levelex primer

    • Epoxy primer and sand broadcast

    • Application of self leveling of Levelex or Levelex DL (Decorative Leveler)

  • Laticrete Levelex Patch and Skim Coat: application procedures, including ramp building and floor sloping.

  • Laticrete MVB (Moisture Vapor Barrier) System: Procedures for installing this coating system, beneath coating systems or other flooring systems

Specialty Cements:

  • L & M Construction Chemicals- EmeryTop 400: 12,000+ psi self leveling cement (with emery), for industrial projects

  • L & M Construction Chemicals- Crystex:  This features a long work time, ready-mixed, high strength, highly fluid, controlled expansion grout with superior dynamic load stability

Training is typically conducted at the same training seminar as for our polished concrete training.

Call today for our next scheduled training seminar!!

L & M Chemical Products:


Polished Concrete: 

  • Seal Hard & Lion Hard: Liquid Chemical Hardeners and Densifiers (sodium silicate, and lithium based)

    • Sealers:

      • Permashine SPS

      • Petrotex

      • Lumaseal FX

  • FGS Permashine-: including FGS Hardener Plus; FGS Conditioner; VIVID dye.

Training includes use of grinding and polishing pads/equipment, with manufacturers representatives present for training seminar

Concrete Sealers:

  • Aquapel: Repellents and Surface Protection; application of this 5- 10 year warranty product, for application on sidewalks, driveways, and exterior concrete areas.

Call to inquire about our next training seminar!!!

HP Spartacote Coatings Installation Training


  • Polyaspartic, Polyurea, Epoxy & Urethane Coatings: application training

  • HP Spartacote Coating System Training:

    • HP Sparta-Chip: vinyl flake floor coating

    • HP Sparta-Quartz: colored quartz floor coating

    • HP Sparta-Stain: highly decorative concrete dye and low gloss finish

    • Alpen-Glow Metallic: metallic flooring Systems

    • Diamond-Topp: ultra-high performance top-coat system developed for heavy-duty environments.

    • Moisture Mitigation: for environments where concrete moisture levels exceed acceptable limits, without slab vapor barrier, new concrete

  • Citadel Floor Coating Systems

    • Citadel Medici decorative coating system

    • Citadel decorative metallic coating system

    • Quartz Flooring system

    • Citadel Polished Concrete System (coating finish)

    • Poly-Stone Natural Rock N' Resin coating system

  • Rust-oleum CPS Floor Coating Systems

    • 1/8" - 1/4" thick mil coating systems

      • Epoxy mortar

      • Cementitious urethane

    • Covebase systems

    • Specialty coatings like ESD, Novalac

  • Polycoat Urethane Coating Systems:

    • Parking garage vehicular traffic membranes

    • Exterior patio decks

      • Residential

      • Condos, apartments and retirement homes

Training is typically a one or two days training schedule, which includes both class and hands on training in our warehouse.  

Call us to find out about the next scheduled training date!!

Concrete Polishing & Finishing
Coating Application

Contractors- Training and Support




Rocky Mountain Industrial Systems provides a full range of 'training and support' educational services. 


Installation Training:

  • Contractor training seminars held at our office location in Calgary, AB. These seminars wll be held approximately every three months and run for one to two days depending on areas of training offered. 

  • Ongoing technical phone support for contractors on a case by case basis. This support would be anticipated during the initial startup stage as contractors develop specific installation skill sets.


Marketing Support Assistance (Qualifying Contractors):

  • Tradeshow and web marketing guidance: tradeshow display; marketing materials (can be customized by contractor).

  • Joint marketing to secure medium to large projects via bidding process.

  • "Lunch and Learn" presentations.

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