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Rocky Mountain Industrial Systems offers products and services that enhance public and consumer safety, particularly in the area of specialized construction products. We strive to deliver these services using products that are industry leading in value, safety and environmental performance in all the markets that we serve. Our core values include:


  • Providing products that deliver outstanding performance at competitive prices

  • ensuring the safety of our workers in our office, warehouse and work sites

  • ensuring that we hold our employees to a high standard of operation

  • ensuring that the general public is kept safe and the environment is protected

  • endeavoring to represent industry leading products that minimize the ecological/anthropogenic footprint/impact on the earth


We do these things by ensuring that we identify and meet or exceed all applicable legislation, including laws and regulations, and applicable codes and standards. We also identify the standards set by our customers to ensure that we meet these requirements. We also communicate all known hazards to our employees and we work with our contractors to ensure that all work is conducted in a safe manner. We actively recognize hazards and prioritize risks and take preventative and corrective measures so that we eliminate uncontrolled risks.


As senior management, we plan our quality, safety and environmental requirements as part of our overall planning requirements, we assign roles and responsibilities, and we hold our staff and our sub-contractors accountable for their safety performance. In particular, we expect that our staff with supervisory duties will work to our standards. We also expect that all of our workers will work safely while following all rules and regulations. We review our goals and set new ones on a regular basis with the objective of continually improving our performance.


We have integrated our quality, safety and environmental program together because we manage environmental risks in the same way we manage safety and quality. We take measures to look at our environmental aspects and impacts and manage them appropriately.


To support these objectives, we have developed written quality, safety and environmental programs to describe our management system as well as describing controls for our key identified hazards.




Don Fetherstonhaugh


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